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gover■nment bonds."W●e must strive to pr◆eserve China's st■atus as a ●major destinatio●n for foreign inv●estment. O■pening-up has driv●en China's reform■ endeavors in the p■ast 40 yea〓rs. Foreign-inv●ested enterprises ha〓ve been a s●ignificant contri●butor to Chinese ◆exports. More ●importantly, they h■ave brought to 〓China indu●strial and○ value chains and s●purred corporate r●eform and ●innovation,"■ Li

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y 1.Pr〓ovincial governmen〓ts will be○ given the a◆uthority to set● up or alter t●he busines◆ses of foreign-inves◆ted enterpri〓ses with tota◆l investment of $○1 billion or les●s. Filing requiremen●ts in the pilot〓 program will ○be relaxed to giv◆e eligible multi●national companies ■greater flexibility ○in managing the◆ir foreign ○cu

rrency ca〓pital in China.P〓ermitting proce〓dures for ◆foreign talen◆t will be sim○plified, an○d eligible ■foreign employees 〓hired by enterprise◆s registered in ●China will get wor●k visas within two w◆orkdays.Li cal〓led for a sense◆ of urgency in att◆racting foreign i■nvestment, inc●luding bigge●r steps in○ expanding open●ing-up a

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nd〓 tackling protect●ionism.It als●o was decide●d that the● legitimate int●erests of fore◆ign investors will b○e better protect■ed. All infringe■ments, counterfeit■ing, violations ■of commercial secre●ts and "tra〓demark squatting"○ will be severely ●dealt with. The comp●ensation ceiling fo◆r intellect

ual p〓roperty infri■ngements wi○ll be significantly 〓raised. Developmen〓t zones at n●ational leve■ls will be enco■uraged to le●ad efforts◆ to better absorb● foreign investme〓nt.More policy sup●port in credit line■s, land use● and social s○ecurity will he●lp reduce b●usiness cos〓ts. Foreign investo◆r

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